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Rikoss (incest) Smut :Ross’s first time! From my rikoss fanfic


When they arrived at Riker’s they  walked to the living room.Riker lay across the couch with his hands behind his head relaxing and admiring his boyfriend.He loved everything about the boy.Ross lay on top of Riker,cuddling him.Ross leaned up to kiss Riker then Riker moved his lips down to Ross’s neck. Ross felt Riker’s soft warm lips pressed against his neck and it gave him chills.Riker pressed his lips against Ross’ again and  deepened the kiss.The feeling of Ross’s tongue moving around in his mouth made Riker twitch on the inside of his pants.Riker stood up and pulled Ross with him by the hand . Ross looked around as Riker dragged him through the house. They were following a trail of rose petals that led them up the stairs and into Riker’s room. Riker pushed the door open and Ross couldn’t help but stare.
“Ryk” he gasped as he saw the candles lit. He saw that the rose petals were placed so that they made a heart in the middle of his bed.
“You really didn’t have to do all of this for me”, Ross turned to meet Riker’s gaze as Riker grabbed him by the hand once more and led him to the bed.
Riker moved in for a kiss only to be met halfway by a pair of lips that were warm and soft against his as he bit down gently on Ross’ lower lip.He kissed him again but this time he let the kiss linger as he moved his hands up to his brother’s waist and guided him down onto the bed.
He knew this was Ross’s first time so he would be gentle. He would need him to be comfortable.
“Baby you’re shaking…..are you sure you want this?”Riker held Ross’ hand in his and rubbed ut gently.
“More than anything,” Ross smiled.
Riker bit down gently on Ross’s bottom lip again causing him to open his mouth just enough for Riker to slide his tongue in.
As he rolled his tongue around in Ross’s mouth he let his hand slide from his waist down to ross’s thigh. He parted their lips and went for Ross’s neck kissing, biting and sucking on the skin.Ross gasped and Riker knew that he was enjoying it. He slid his hand back up to go under Ross’s shirt to feel his toned bare body. He moved the shirt up and kissed the boy’s chest. Ross removed his shirt as Riker continued to kiss down his body.
Riker slid his fingers into Ross’ boxers and pulled them down along with his shorts. Ross’s dick sprung up as it was now freed from its restraints.
Riker swirled his tongue around the head and not long after he feels Ross grab his hair. He was about to reach his climax.Not yet,he was far from done.
Riker suddenly stops and brings himself back up to kiss Ross before removing his own clothing.Both boys were now fulky naked but Riker couldn’t help but smirk at his brother’s muscular physique. Ross was perfect to him and nothing would ever make him think otherwise. Ross stared at Riker’s dick and licked his lips.He was happy he was about to lose his virginity to his brother.
Riker sat himself in between ross’s legs and pulled the boy up onto him. He checked that Ross was okay once more before he opened his drawer on the side of the bed and pulled out his lube and condom.
He took the lube and spread it over two fingers. It was cold. Ross jumped at the contact when he felt it. Riker started to slide a finger in slowly causing Ross to make a face of pain.
“Are you okay” riker asked and Ross nodded as he started to adjust to the feeling of something inside him. He told Riker to continue so he added a second finger and it got the same reaction.
“Look…we don’t have to go all the way babe.If you’re not comfortable with it then we can just stop”Riker suggested.
“Riker I’m fine…really.”
Riker smiled at his brother sweetly before thrusting his fingers in and out of Ross.He finally tore open the condom and placed it on. He eased his dick into Ross slowly and as he did Ross clenched the bed covers in his hands. Riker grabbed both of Ross’s hands and moved them onto his waist.Ross wrapped his legs around Riker’s waist as he moaned Riker’s name. Riker moved his hips back and forth slowly only speeding up slightly. As he did he leaned over and brought He and Ross’s lips together and Ross moaned Riker’s name against his lips as he was kissing him.
Riker worked his hips in a rhythm that had Ross sinking his nails into the older boy’s back and when it all became too much for him he spilled all he had in between him and Riker. Watching Ross ride out his climax was enough to push Riker over the edge he reached his end as he let go and spilled into Ross.Riker licked the cum off of Ross’s chest and kissed him again . Ross could taste himself on his brother’s lips but all he could think about was how Riker rocked his world.He was so happy that Riker was the one who stole his virginity.
They both laid there exhausted and sweaty for a few minutes before Ross started to speak.
“I love you Riker” Ross panted into Riker’s’s ear. Riker raised his head to look into Ross’s eyes. “I love you too baby” He smiled as he kissed his lips and then his nose just like he always did.

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